Outsourced Payroll Services – UK PAYE NI System BACS End of Year Returns
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Payroll Services – UK PAYE NI System BACS End of Year Returns P FormsPayroll involves the UK PAYE and NI system. If you pay remuneration to employees you must deduct tax and national insurance taking into account personal allowances and the relevant tax bands. Companies must also pay employers NI to the Inland Revenue.

Most companies seek a fully-managed outsourced payroll service. We appreciate that all businesses are different; there is no single payroll solution that will be suitable for every client company. We therefore offer you a bespoke solution that meets your specific needs; such as the ability to pay your staff by BACS.

Outsourced Payroll Service - BACS Payments

Outsourced Bookkeepers will calculate your employees' wages and supply you with pay slips and a summary of your payroll run. We calculate wages on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
We also organize holiday pay, sick pay, maternity pay, pension contributions and attachment of earnings. We also deal with working family’s tax credits.

We will keep you up to date with changes in employment legislation, such as amendments to the minimum wage and holiday pay.

End of Year Returns, Forms P32, P11, P14, P45, P46 and P60

At the end of each year we will process your employers' end of year returns. Form P32 must be balanced and submitted to the inland revenue with a year’s totals along with P11 & P14s
We will also complete P45's, P46's and P60's.

Payroll – Features of our Outsourced Service

Features of our outsourced payroll service:

  • All new legislation covered
  • Comprehensive record-keeping
  • SSP/SMP recording and calculation
  • All statutory requirements complied with
  • Company sick and absence recorded
  • Inland Revenue and DSS queries dealt with
  • Processing on the latest payroll software
  • Input keyed from your internal documentation
  • Production and reconciliation of end-of-year tax returns
  • Pay slips and customized management reports provided
  • Remove concern regarding DSS and Inland Revenue visits

Key Drivers for Outsourcing Payroll Services:

  • Reduction in payroll costs
  • Greater payroll support
  • Assurance that employees will be paid correctly and on-time